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IMAGINATION is clustering with the following projects:
MULTIMACH: Multilingual/Multimedia. Access To Cultural Heritage.




MATURE is a large-scale integrating project (IP), co-funded by the European Commission, Unit for Technology-Enhanced Learning (TEL) within Call 1 of the Seventh Framework Programme (FP7).
IMAGINATION is official associated partner of MATURE.



  (in German) 

THESEUS is a research programme initiated by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology (BMWi) with the goal to create a new, internet-based knowledge infrastructure. This infrastructure should make it easier to use and exploit existing knowledge on the Internet.
IMAGINATION is official associated partner of THESEUS.

MOSAICA is a research & development project co-financed by the European Commission under the IST Programme in the domain of Cultural Heritage.
MOSAICA proposes a new approach for offering Semantically Enhanced, Multifaceted, Collaborative Access to Cultural Heritage. It relies on :

  • Knowledge based discovery and presentation of cultural assets
  • An interactive and creative user experience

The MOSAICA platform will be designed to use widely distributed cultural heritage for promoting cultural pluralism, religious and cultural tolerance. A proof of concept will be obtained through a pilot implementation focused on the Jewish Culture and History.


Imagination project collaborates with the german Wikipedia community. More info is here.

MINERVA EC is a Thematic Network in the area of cultural, scientific information and scholarly content. 

CASAM introduces the concept of computer-aided semantic annotation to accelerate the adoption of semiautomatic multimedia annotation in the industry. The project is unique in that it facilitates the synergy of human and machine intelligence to significantly speed up the task of human-produced semantic annotation of multimedia content.


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